June 13, 2020

Artifical Intelligence & Machine Learning


C2SCG leads AI/ML adoption for customers taking on the most pressing and innovative customer challenges and rapidly delivering solutions. C2SCG's differentiator is that we will AUTOMATE EVERTHING! Our main goal will be to quickly introduce, develop, and deploy new AI/ML technologies and minimize manual processes. We will guide you through the drastic expansion in technologies and provide a seamless flow between cloud computing and artificial intelligence. The cloud computing technologies C2SCG offers will not only increase flexibility/agility, but hosting data and applications through the cloud saves finite personnel and financial resources. C2S cloud computing makes it easy to build a successful AI/ML platform that will have the ability to automatically save time and resources from manual process as well as learning and providing analysis.

Services Provided: 

  • AI/ML Model Development and Tools across CSPs
  • AI/ML solutions for:
    • Data Modeling
    • Data Lakes
    • Data Analysis
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Big Data
    • Speech, Language, and Tagging
    • ETL and Data Ingest
    • Applications and Systems (i.e. Imagery, Decision Trees, and Learning Systems)
  • Automating Artificial Intelligence Lifecycle Management
  • Provide visualizations and sculpt models
  • Allow for the management of models through integration
  • Streamlining workloads
  • Automating repetitive tasks

Our team of seasoned engineers, architects, developers, and cloud experts will provide a significant and understandable application of combining the artificial intelligence/machine learning with cloud computing. The C2SCG team will incorporate AI for internal and external programs to allow us to rapidly innovate and bring new capabilities to you. This is AI Driven AI.

  • We leverage our partner ecosystem to bring in new and innovative AI tools and technologies to the customer.  We support AI/ML rapid adoption through: Industry Days, Demos, Prototypes, and Hackathons among other items that provide awareness of AI programs and enable adoption.
  • We automate hybrid and across CSPs to provide AI/ML solutions

Through these strategies, C2SCG will guide you toward increased efficiency, strategy improvements and insight-driven results.