July 30, 2015

Architecture Design and Implementation

Designing a cloud architecture and implementing it is challenging. There are many pieces to consider when determining the approach to move off premises or to design a hybrid environment. We have years of experience creating solutions for commercial, government, and intelligence customers. Let us design the best approach for you, considering your need for:

  • Infrastructure Strategy (All In vs. Hybrid)
  • Software Products
  • Applications and Web Sites
  • Tools
  • Configurations
  • Bastion Hosts Development/Implementation

C2S Consulting Group helps organizations develop and deploy clouds to meet various requirements. Customers have partnered with C2S Consulting Group for several cloud initiatives, including:

  • Migration of development and testing environment
  • Proof of Concept for provisioning
  • Big data, informatics, and analytics projects
  • Large-scale web hosting for digital marketing assets
  • Open source application hosting
  • Training labs
  • Disaster recovery
  • Data archiving
  • Hosting business applications